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How do Pay By Phone Casino Sites Work?

Pay by phone casino sites seem to be the hottest on the internet at present, leaving many players wondering how they actually work.

These casino sites may seem mysterious but when you use them, all becomes clear in no time.

Steps to using a Pay By Phone Casino Site

Setting up your pay by phone casino account is simple, just the same as using any other casino site. Most sites break this down into an easy process, just provide them with a few details and your account will be opened immediately.

The difference comes in when you actually fund your account, as this is when you’ll be making the most of the pay by phone casino functionality. This involves you going through the banking process and specifying how much you wish to spend. Then, you’ll enter in your phone number and this will prompt a message to be sent to your phone.
This message will contain the details of the transaction with the pay by phone casino; how much you’re spending, who the merchant is, etc. If you’re satisfied that it’s all correct then you can go ahead and reply to the message to authorise the payment to be made. The value of the deposit will be added to your usual contract phone bill or taken from the balance of a top up voucher.

When you use a pay by phone casino, all of the transactions are handled for you and taken care of by your provider and the operator. It might seem like it happens by magic but there’s a series of transmissions going on behind the scenes. Pay by phone casino sites just take the hassle out of making a payment, giving you more time to play.

What Makes Pay By Phone Casino Sites Unique?

Using a pay by phone casino is different to using any other payment method, as it combines aspects of many types of payment methods. This is unlike PayPal, Paysafecard or any of the other popular payment methods on the market.
This is because of the link between a pay by phone casino and your phone number. This is a two way street between your operator and the company, who handle the payments internally. When using a pay by phone casino, you are entering into a contract with the two companies, so make sure you’re aware of this.

To prevent any issues surrounding this contract, just make sure that you take care of your bill. Keep an eye out for any pay by phone casino suspicious transactions and you won’t need to worry about fraud. This payment method keeps your details safe and you can make sure that you don’t authorise any suspicious payments.
The only drawback that many players find is that you can’t withdraw your funds using this payment method. This may lead you to adding another payment method into your account instead, which may be less secure. All in all though, it’s a good payment method that helps you to stay safe online.