Pay by Phone on a Fable Casino

Recent statistics have shown that mobile gaming has finally overtaken traditional desktop gaming and casino players now have more options that ever before. We have recently been discussing the rise of the Fable casino and the options that are available on these types of sites. We have looked at the games available and how you can stay safe on these sites but while we have briefly mentioned payment methods, we haven’t gone into any great detail. Most customers will continue to use debit and credit cards but there are actually a lot of advantages to using other methods such as pay by phone.

Payment Overview: Fable Casino

We thought we would take a look at the main advantages of using the pay by phone service to make deposits on a Fable casino. The pay by phone concept is a fairly simple one. Pay by phone lets you make a deposit to your favourite Fable casino using your phone bill as a way of incurring the charge. This allows players to make safe and secure deposits on a Fable casino site and have the outstanding balance charged to their respective phone bills. This can generally be used by both desktop and mobile players and is proving to be a popular modern option for casino players.

New Fable Casino

As an example, if you were to use a Fable casino pay by phone service then, in theory, you could make a £20 deposit and have that £20 charged to your next landline or mobile phone bill. The service is provided by various merchants and the key is to check the Fable casino that you are about to use before attempting to make the deposit as not every site will accept this as a method of payment.

Fable Casino Payments: Additional Info

As we mentioned, individual sites will offer different variations of the service. Some merchants will be available that cater to mobile players whereas others will simply allow pay by phone services for landline phones. One Fable casino may offer a different range of pay by phone options than another so bare this in mind before selecting a site to play on.

We really like the pay by phone service as it eliminates the need to enter debit and credit card details. The main benefit to this is the additional security that is offered as a result as the only thing required to use the service is the player’s phone number in the vast majority of cases. We think there is particular merit for mobile Fable casino players as it means that they do not have to physically enter their debit or credit card details in public to make successful deposits.

Mobile devices can malfunction or suffer from viruses or malware thus putting the player’s details at risk but also entering your debit or credit card details in public can be risky also. This is why pay by phone works so well for the Fable casino play as it eliminates the need for sensitive data.